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Chain of Command

The OSRP Chain of Command ensures that our Directorial Team are not contacted about small-scale issues.

Directorial Team

Director - Chief Rich - Oversees all server operations.

Deputy Director - Zeph Windsor - Oversees all server operations.

Assistant Director - Albion Stevens & Alfie Adler - Oversees partial server operations.


Management Team

Senior Manager - Oversees the Management Team alongside the Directorial Team.

Manager - Manages aspects of the server such as community, staff, etc.

Junior Manager - Supervises the IA Team under supervision of Managers.


Internal Affairs Team

Internal Affairs Lead - Leads the IA Team alongside the Management and Directorial Team

Internal Affairs Supervisor - Supervises the IA Agents and Officers.

Internal Affairs Officer - A senior member of the IA Team.

Internal Affairs Agent - A member of the IA Team, handles Staff Report tickets.


Administrative Team

Senior Administrator


Junior Administrator


Moderation Team

Senior Moderator


Junior Moderator


Miscellaneous Roles

Web Developer - tudoxsteve