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Discord Rules

Rule 1: Nicknames & Users

- Your Discord Username must be set identical to your Roblox Username.

Rule 2: Pinging

- Pinging Executive Board, PRC Officials, Contributors, and Master Class Owners is prohibited within our community.

Rule 3: NSFW

- Sending inappropriate images, messages, or any form of inappropriate content within our community is strictly prohibited, and is a bannable offense with no warnings.

Rule 4: Alternative Accounts

- You must not use an Alt Account whilst in this community unless given explicit permission to do so by an Executive Board member. Using an Alt Account to avert a ban is prohibited.

Rule 5: Advertising

Any form of unauthorized advertising is strictly prohibited. This includes sending Discord Server Links, Sending unsolicited advertisements in members DMs.

Rule 6: Terms of Service

- We are expected by Discord, Roblox, and PRC to enforce their Terms of Service, you may find their relative terms in the buttons below.

Rule 7: Disrespect/Extreme Profanity

You are not permitted under any circumstances to disrespect Members and Staff Members. This include using the F-Word in a disrespectful tone.

Please note that our Moderators hold full discretion in making moderations against you.

Points System

Within our community, we use Boomerang to calculate and automate points tracking. You can find the chart below.

> Warning: 1 Point

> Kick/Timeout/Soft-Bans: 3 Points

> Temporary Bans: 5 Points

Receiving 15 points in total will result in a permanent ban from our community.