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In-Game Rules

Here at Oklahoma State Roleplay we hold a strict pride in professional and orderly roleplay. Our In-Game Rules allows us to uphold this.

1. Realism

Realism must be upheld within our community. This includes:

  • If you are in a scene with a gun held to your head, you must roleplay as fearing for your life, failing to do this is considered Fear Roleplay.
  • You must roleplay any crashes within 30 MPH.
  • You must not Metagame, this is where you use information gained outside of roleplay to your advantage in roleplay.

2. Random Deathmatch

You must not randomly kill anyone outside of a roleplay scenario.

This also includes if you are being pulled over, you must not get out of your vehicle and kill the officer straight away.

3. Vehicle Deathmatch

You must not shoot at other cars, or ram other cars and people without valid reasoning or roleplay.

4. Yielding to EMS

You must always yield if an LEO Officer, or EMS Worker is sounding their sirens.

5. Roleplay Motions

You must always use motions for actions, this excludes Gun Motion.

  • Cuffing Someone: -Cuffs-
  • Searching Someone: -Searches-

These are common examples.

6. Interrupting Scenes

You must not interrupt, or involve yourself with an RP Scene that does not involve or concern you.

7. Avatars

All avatars must be realistic and wearing appropriate attire. You must not be wearing the following:

  • Swords
  • Shields
  • Antlers
  • Faceless or Korblox
  • Animal Avatars
  • Other unrealistic features.

This is non-negotiable.

8. New Life Rule (NLR)

When you have died, you must start a new life from fresh, with no previous knowledge of what resulted in your previous characters death. Once dying, you must also not go back to the scene until the scene has concluded.

9. Voice Chat

All members are expected to be in a Roleplay VC at all times.

10. Common Sense

Common Sense must be used within our community. If a rule is not listed here, but is a common rule in other communities, then you may still be moderated for it.

11. Driving on Ice

Driving on the River Ice is prohibited. If seen doing so you will be moderated accordingly.

Banned Roleplays

These roleplays are banned in OSRP.

  • Sexual Roleplay
  • Bomb/Terrorism Roleplay
  • Animal RP
  • Child Distress Roleplay (This is not restricting roleplaying as a child, people RPing as Children cannot be involved in priority scenes like robberies and hostage RPs.)
  • Suicide Roleplay

Banned Weapons

  • PPSH 41
  • Model 29
  • Type 89
  • Remington MSR
  • Remington 870
  • SPAS 12
  • M249

Banned/Restricted Vehicles

These vehicles can only be used by Exotic Permissions owners.

  • Celestial Truckatron 2024
  • Chevlon Corbeta 8
  • Surrey 650S
  • Falcon Heritage
  • Strugatti Ettore
  • Avantismo R8
  • Chevlon Corbeta TZ